Super League Souroti supports the #FootballPeople weeks

17 October 2018 13:30

Matchday 7 of Super League Souroti, which will be played this Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 20, 21 and 22 October respectively, is dedicated to the European campaign against racism, supporting @farenet’s #FootballPeople weeks to help tackle discrimination in the game.


Football is the ideal ambassador for the message of solidarity towards vulnerable social groups and of the right to be different.


In this highly crucial period, given the financial crisis as well as the social problems augmented as a result of it, this initiative,  in cooperation with FARE and under the auspices of UEFA and the European Union, helps the fans accept diversity through the most popular sport, football.


Football says no to racism and any type of discrimination! 


It is a positive step to promote initiatives aiming at reconciling and alleviating differences, by using the enormous appeal of football in our country.


Super League supports the right to diversity for everyone and for another year supports FARE's awareness campaign, under the auspices of UEFA and the European Union.



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