Super League dedicates the 21st matchday to childhood cancer awareness.

14 February 2017 10:38

For the seventh year, Super League supports the fight of the "Floga" and "Lampsi" Associations and dedicates the 21st matchday (to be held during February 18, 19 and 20, 2017) to the fight against children's cancer, within the frame of the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.


The International Childhood Cancer Day aims at informing and raising public awareness as regards the needs of children suffering from cancer and the importance of timely diagnosis.


The "FLOGA" and "LAMPSI" associations are associations organised by parents whose children have been affected by this malignant disease. They are associations organised by everyday people who have united under the common need to face a really special trial. They are parents dedicated to the care of children suffering from cancer.


They are parents fighting for any child hosted in the paediatric oncology departments, parents worrying and trying to secure the best medical and psychosocial treatment children are entitled to. The "LAMPSI" and "FLOGA" associations are supported by the voluntary work of their members and draw their power from the offer and support of dozens of aware institutions and citizens.


The Super League President Mr Georgios K. Stratos pointed out:


"The organising authority supports the work of the "FLOGA" and "LAMPSI" associations for the seventh consecutive year. Informing and raising public awareness about childhood cancer is a substantial action, because every life that can be saved is important. Super League shows its social responsibility and wishes to convey a hopeful message to all: Let us all support, morally and materially, the work of the parents' associations "FLOGA" and "LAMPSI", as well as of all the institutions fighting against childhood cancer."


The president of "Lampsi" Mrs Artemis Aslanidou and the president of "Floga" Mrs Maria Tryfonidis, with a joint statement, send a message of hope that "childhood cancer can be cured".


"Super League, for the seventh consecutive year, stands by our side and offers us the possibility to send the message, through the matches to be held during the 21st matchday, that "childhood cancer can be cured". Super League's ready response and the awareness with which it projects this message of hope and optimism for our cause, gives us strength and encourages the lifework of our associations and at the same time brings forth again football's social aspect. Thank you for supporting our efforts!"



In Greece, there is an estimated 280 – 300 affected children every year. 70% of these children win the fight for life with specialised treatment. There is no prevention for childhood cancer, however, timely diagnosis leads to cure for most children. Therefore, this is why particular attention should be paid to the following: the information of health professionals so they are able to timely diagnose the disease, as well as the proper information of parents so they will turn to children's hospitals on time.


LAMPSI and FLOGA (in Thessaloniki and Athens respectively) are associations organised by parents whose children have been affected by this malignant disease. All these parents, following their personal experiences, united their forces and now fight for every new child treated in a paediatric oncology unit. They fight to offer better medical, psychological and social care to children suffering from cancer, at the same time supporting their families.


International childhood cancer day, on February 15, aims at informing and raising public awareness as regards childhood cancer and the needs of children suffering from cancer and fighting for their own life.


"Floga" and "Lampsi" associations stand by the families, share their fears and agony and support their fight in any way. They try to properly inform the public as regards childhood cancer and dispel any preconceptions.


Childhood cancer can be cured. Children are entitled to proper medical care, irrespective of their national, social or financial status.


We can all help children suffering from cancer, they need us.



Association of Parents of Children suffering from Neoplasmatic Disease, 6-8 Egiou Str., GR-11527, Goudi, Athens, Tel.: 210-7485000, Fax: 210-7772421

Email: info@floga.org.gr Web: www.floga.org.gr



Association of Parents of Children suffering with malignant diseases – Northern Greece, 5 Kleanthous and Papanastasiou Strs., GR-54453, Tel./Fax: 2310-943396

E-mail: info@lampsi.org

Web: www.lampsi.org



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